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Professional transcription service from Intelligent Verbatim.

Documents are transcribed “intelligent verbatim” or to client’s request, in any audio format.

Intelligent Verbatim guarantees a 98% or higher rate of accuracy with decent to good audio quality.

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Use Intelligent Verbatim's transcription service to transcribe:
   • Disciplinary hearings, etc
   • Thesis interviews
   • Focus Groups
   • Teleconferences
   • Podcasts

   • Thesis interviews
   • Civil and criminal procedures
   • Medico-legal reports, drug trials, etc.
   • Meetings
   • Forensic hearings
   • Security/Police audio
   • Name it, we’ve transcribed it.

We can also provide an accurate transcript of your important function.

Transcription Service: Standard or Urgent

facebook shareWe offer both a standard and urgent service. Transcripts are emailed as a Microsoft Word document unless otherwise specified.

Understandably, the urgent transcription service costs more than our standard transcription service, because it is undertaken on a high priority basis, often requiring transcribers to work overtime and outside of normal business hours.

Transcription Service: Turnaround Time

transcription services small bannerOur standard transcription service times are 48 hours, one week and two weeks on any transcription:  Transcribing a large project of over eight hours of recording puts pressure on our transcribers. 

When submitting audio for transcription upload your sound files as soon after recording as possible. If you are planning to interview several people / conduct a hearing / run a conference over an extended period do not wait for all recording to be completed before you submit your files for transcription. Upload your audio files as soon as each interview / hearing to adjournment / session is completed until all audio is uploaded.

Transcription Service Rates

Standard Transcription Service: (3-4 days per hour of audio): R9.00 per audio minute. Rush service (1-2 days per hour of audio): R 9.45 per audio minute.

Urgent Transcription Service: (Within 24 hours): R11.80 per audio minute.

Medical Transcription Service: Medical or scientific terminology may require the transcriber to research names, acronyms etc., so an additional R1.40 per audio minute on the above rates is charged on medical transcription. Industry-specific technical terms and jargon: The above additional charge also applies to non-standard technical terms and jargon.

Transcribing Poor Quality Audio takes up to eight times longer: Rates vary from R16.00 per minute for poor audio to R35.00 per minute for very poor, barely audible audio as it takes 5 to 8 times longer to transcribe. This includes loud foreground hum, excessive noises and poor recording.

 We can ‘tweak’ bad audio to a certain extent, but is not always possible to improve the audio quality. Intelligent Verbatim can do your recording for you, and offer high standard audio recording. Read More

Unspecified Languge Surcharge: Files not marked with a language identifier: 10% surcharge. See this file submission guideline.

NB: Transcription is sometimes known as dicta typing or minute taking, although it is neither, because not everyone knows what to call recording of meetings or interviews.

Student rate (to bone fide full-time students) – 10% below normal rates.